ARTBJU Southwest American, Indian, Biker, Celtic, Egyptian Style Jewelry Factory

Why an Amerindian Jewel Workshop?

Well, it is above all by passion ... After several stays in the United States to observe the customs and legends of the native ethnic groups, I found myself a little in this culture which led me to make such jewels.

Native American jewelry is a fashion that has endured for decades. Giving it to a woman or a man always has a meaning that goes straight to the heart. It is a present which obviously refers to legends of peoples in total harmony with the 5 elements in fact.

You are in the most qualified store to respond to your requests, you will find unusual gift ideas and unusual jewelry. Artbju makes every effort to satisfy its clientele which is made up of both men and women. Native American jewelry in turquoise declined under different items: rings, necklaces, earrings, bracelets, bolo-tie, pendant, earrings ...

Custom Jewel - Personalized Jewel

This is our specialty! You dream of a piece of jewelry but have never seen it anywhere. Send us your project as a drawing or photo and we will make your personalized jewelry.

Our Native American jewelry collections

Turquoise jewelry models are presented in the sections of our online catalog. Not all of them are visible on the Artbju site because we create tailor-made products on demand.

It is the passion and art of offering original creations that sets our Native American jewelry store apart from others. The prices also let us not forget to specify it are very fair, adapt to all budgets.

For a quality gift, an original gift for women, men or children, count on our know-how. You benefit from a large choice of jewelry and fashion accessories such as hair clips or belt buckles. Signs of distinction sought after by people of all generations.

Navajo jewelry for women or men

We insist on the fact that we can offer precious stone jewelry for everyone. It is above all a gift of sentimental value. It can of course be offered for a birthday at Christmas, but Native American jewelry is also the ideal choice for Valentine's Day.

We work with many precious stones, Navajo jewelry delivers an ancestral message, no one can remain indifferent to the past of the Navajo people. It leaves an engraving in history, Artbju perpetuates the traditions of Native American tribes by designing original handcrafted jewelry.

Artbju, customization of Navajo Native American jewelry

ARTBJU is not just an online jewelry store ... You can order your personalized jewelry there! Native American jewelry, medieval jewelry, biker or even Egyptian jewelry why limit ourselves to one style when we can please our customers.

Originally our specialty was making jewelry from the Southwestern United States or Southwestern Style, ie Navajo, Hopi and Zuni style jewelry. From this original period, we have kept and refined our technique of chiselling silver and cutting and assembling stones, the Inlay and its various components: the Corn Row Inlay, the Channel Inlay, the Overlay.

Stones from all over the world

We use stones from the four corners of the world in order to obtain the best color rendering such as Malachite, Sugilite, Gaspéite, Lapis lazuli, Jeais and its different tones and also marine elements such as: Spondylus, Coral, Mother-of-pearl, pink or yellow shells, etc ...

Due to our origins, we have kept a special place for Turquoise which remains our preference despite the price escalation of recent years. We mainly use Turquoise from the Southwest of the United States because we had initially built up our stock for this specialty but if the aesthetic need arises, we can use a Turquoise from another part of the globe, the quality will always be there!

Different materials such as wood, bone or Lab Opale

Wood and its different species, rare, precious or exotic as well as other materials such as bone are used in the composition of our jewelry but at no time will there be any question of making any profit from the death of an animal. or the destruction of a geographic site for our activity. For example, for many years we have favored the use of Lab Opal - Opal produced synthetically - to the use of natural Opal which is much more expensive and more destructive for the environment ...

Totem animal jewelry: wolf, bison, bear, horse, eagle

Animals are very present on our site: Wolves, Bison, Horses, Eagles, Turtles, Bears and in general any Animal Totem adorn our pendant, ring, bracelet, carved or chiseled in turn.

We work in Silver, Gold, Copper, Bronze, each with its own specialty: Silversmith and Golsmith.

We do not obey any rule to make our jewelry leaving free rein to our inspiration, all styles are used. Often, moreover, we only conform to the wishes of our customers when they want a custom-made piece of jewelry.

This site is above all yours since most of the jewelry on it comes from your imagination and our craftsmen have the mission to make your dreams come true while you sleep, our motto: We make your dreams ...